Adding a follow up thank you email to Eventbrite

Yes, you can still email your attendees after the event and thank them for coming.

And after you set it up the first time, and send it out, the email invite can be cloned/copied and used after future events.

Below is a sample email that can be sent from Eventbrite under the Manage --> Email Attendees menu.

To make this easier, simple click the icon in the Eventbrite email editor that looks like HTML, and remove what is there. Then open, copy and paste the following code within this text file:

After pasting the text, save the HTML view and go back to the regular view to make edits. The ideal width for an image in this email is 430px wide. Either delete or replace the image, and set the width to something less than or equal to 430px for the image. Edit the text too.

Below the editor, uncheck the Include event details box. You don't need it for a message after the event.

The click the second radio button, open the calendar and select a date after the event.

Send yourself a test email and edit if necessary.

Click the SAVE button.

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