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Using the 3.x framework

Forum help for the framework 3.x can be found at: Cherry Framework 3.x Documentation can be found at: Documentation for the framework can be found below too: Here is a link on how to create new templates: Here is general info: Your theme contains the Settings option. These settings allow you to…
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Color guide to chapter sites

The RGB web site colors on the site are as follows: #aea8a0 Logo Gray #0a5772 Logo Blue-Green #158f98 complimentary bright blue (accents, menu, highlights) #fffdfc top white #fc6629 complimentary orange (lines and headings) #eae4e2 body background, complimentary white with suggested orange Please see left column in the image above for displayed appearance of color.
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Changing short URL of button on chapter site

When using the text tab in the event post, the Wordpress programming language for the chapter site registration button appears as the following: The language is HTML5 and CSS3 combined, but the button can also be inserted without using any code -- that is -- by using the insert image function in the Wordpress editor…
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Chapter Site WordPress Helper Description

Word Press Site Helper Description a) Familiar with updating Pages including editing text and images in Wordpress b) Familiar with updating Posts including editing text and images in Wordpress c) Familiar with Cherry Framework and Cherry Plugin is a plus d) Familiar with Photoshop, Paint, or iPhoto to crop high resolution images to specific sizes…
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