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Sample Video post from an event using Vimeo

If you have an event and you recorded a speaker, you might stream that video using video. The chapter site has the ability to stream the video from Vimeo using the Post command and the Event category. The items you will need to complete the text are the following: 1) the embed code from the…
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Eventbrite – Report Exporting

In Eventbrite, you can use the Attendee Summary report to view and export all the information you've collected from your attendees. For the Report Type select 'Attendee Summary'. For the Date Range select 'Since sales started'. For the Attendee Status select 'All' or another type of Attendee Status that is related to your interest. The…
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Mailchimp ‘Invite One’ template

The Invite One email campaign targets members so they can invite guests who may be potential future members. The Invite One campaign consists of two pieces: an email describing Invite One, and a PDF (made from a word doc) that can be used by members to send to their peers and friends. The text for…
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