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Adding a follow up thank you email to Eventbrite

Yes, you can still email your attendees after the event and thank them for coming. And after you set it up the first time, and send it out, the email invite can be cloned/copied and used after future events. Below is a sample email that can be sent from Eventbrite under the Manage --> Email…
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Adding Images in Mailchimp

When adding images to any email campaign, the image size is crucial. An image that is large in resolution will load slowly for every email recipient. The resolution will delay the time it takes the email recipient's email to load. In some cases, when the image loads slowly, such as on a DSL network, the…
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Post Categories: Events or Upcoming Events

The category selection for an event post on the site automatically determines where the event post will appear on the site. There are two category choices available for the event post: 'events' and 'upcoming events'. The 'events' category is for past events. The information in a post with the 'events' category selected automatically moves that…
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