Changing short URL of button on chapter site

When using the text tab in the event post, the WordPress programming language for the chapter site registration button appears as the following:


The language is HTML5 and CSS3 combined, but the button can also be inserted without using any code -- that is -- by using the insert image function in the WordPress editor panel and selecting the Registration button from the media library.

You can copy and paste the button from a previous event post or insert it manually.

The button when live appears as the following:

RSVP for the Quarterly Meeting

which typically appears after text that looks similar to the following:

Use the form below to reserve your spot at the upcoming meeting. If you are a member and do or do not plan to attend, please register to let us know.

In the code above, the "a" tag contains the URL or short URL that causes the registration page to open when clicked. By substituting the text that is between double quotes after the href=" code, one can change the event page to which it connects.

For example, one can substitute the contents of href="" and make it href="".

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