Helping the text wrap around an image in the Mailchimp text area

Mailchimp has an excellent assortment of help files in how to insert images and text into an email. There are also many YouTube videos completed on YouTube. Evenso, here is a tip on how to get text in the text area to wrap around an inserted image.

The key is to adjust the image properties and the advanced image style options for the image.


Determine if you want the image on the right or left side within the body of the email. To align the image on the left or right side, in the design mode, click on the image in the text editor window and the image editor/insert icon, then click on "show image style options", then select the alignment for the image, ie, left or right (see image above). Once aligned to the left or right, the text will automatically wrap to the side and below the image. Above is a screen capture from the "show image style options" window. Before you save within that window, add 15px to the margin(s) closest to the text in the box(es) provided.

That is, if you want the image on the right side, align the image right, place 15px in the margin left box and 15px in the margin bottom box, then click save. And then Save and Close.

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