How to add a presenting ministry to the ministry page

How to add a presenting ministry to the ministry/ministries page:

Each ministry that presents at a Barnabas Group meeting can have their information added to the site in the Presenting Ministry or Ministries section. In addition to the contact information, information that should be included is a quality image from the ministry. The ideal minimum size for this image is around 955px wide by 576px in height as the site is responsive and a reduced size of the image will automatically be selected by a mobile device.

To add a presenting ministry, in the left editor toolbar, click Ministries. Then click Add New. Add the text that describes the ministry and the corresponding contact info below the editor window. Insert any PDF files associated with the ministry by dragging and dropping the PDF file in the editor window. Select as the featured image, an image of the ministry. Then save or update.

The video below shows how to add a presenting ministry to the ministries page.

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