Sample Video post from an event using Vimeo

If you have an event and you recorded a speaker, you might stream that video using video. The chapter site has the ability to stream the video from Vimeo using the Post command and the Event category. The items you will need to complete the text are the following:
1) the embed code from the Share command of the Vimeo video
2) the video Title
3) the video shoot date
4) an image that represents the video or screen capture of the video player
5) the name of the speaker on the video
6) keyword tags for the search engines

The first step is to add the event post, Select video as the format. Check the events category.
Add Vimeo

The second step is to add the Title of the Video Post, add the Title, add the speaker's name, add keyword tags, add a featured image and add the embedded code.

If you don't know how to get the embed code from Vimeo, look at the image below, and click on the Share icon to reveal embed code. Then copy the code.
Click Vimeo

The third step is to edit the publish date of the post to the video shoot date.

Lastly, click publish to make the post live.

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