How to edit Slides on the home page

How to edit Slides on the home page.

This tutorial shows one how to edit, delete, or schedule an image or slide to display on the home page. The optimal size for a slide on the home page, because the site is responsive, is 1170px by 494px in height. Another option is 1200px wide by 800px. With a responsive site, the images automatically change size for smaller screen sizes such as those screens on mobile devices. So shoot for 1170px by 494px if you can for a slide. If you use photoshop, here is a file you can use for a template: (click here for photoshop source file).

CANVA is an online app that allows you to crop and add text to images:

If you want to include text in the slide image one must take the responsive layout of the site into consideration. The slide is typically a .jpg image to minimize file size. Thus when a .jpg slide is created, and custom text is desired to be added to the .jpg image, it is important to include that text in the center 60% of the slide and not near the edges of the image.

The video below demonstrates how to edit, add, or remove a slide.

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