Adding Images in Mailchimp

When adding images to any email campaign, the image size is crucial. An image that is large in resolution will load slowly for every email recipient.

The resolution will delay the time it takes the email recipient's email to load. In some cases, when the image loads slowly, such as on a DSL network, the email recipient may choose not to view the email at all.

The size in width and height of an image are also important. If one uses a larger image than necessary the shape of an email may become distorted.

Mailchimp provides a video tutorial on how to size your image properly at:

Basically, to add a new image to replace one in the template, follow these steps:
1) Use the Mailchimp Image Selector to inspect the image details of the image in the campaign you plan to replace.

2) Write down the dimensions of the original image. For example, and image might be 160 wide x 183 in height.

3) Click on the link that reads 'Back to Files' in the upper left of the window.

4) Select new image.

5) Click on Aviary and crop image using width and height size that you wrote down in step 2.

(side note: Aviary can edit any image into any size for the website too)

6) Close Aviary and inspect image size, then change the width and height to the width and height that you wrote down in step 2.

7) Save changes.

You can also use CANVA to edit photos, which is an online app that allows you to crop and add text to images:

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